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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
December 2013

Dividing Line

Christmas is almost upon us and as well as being a time of merriment and general Christmas cheer, it's also a good time for reflection.  We're coming to the end of Pro Carpet Cleaning's first year, with the business having been formed in January 2013 and February being our first full month of trading. 


That first month we had nine jobs, whilst December is forecast to exceed 200, and the business has gone from just the two of us to employing three full time carpet cleaners and hopefully many more in the coming year. 


What has been fantastic are all the wonderful people we've had the opportunity to talk with, meet with and work with, without whom we'd still just be two guys discussing a dream over a pint or two!

For that you have our most sincere thanks and we wish you a wonderful Christmas and peaceful, prosperous New Year.


Best Wishes

Carl & Dan


Holiday Opening Hours


We've tried to ensure we're open as much as possible over the Christmas period, so will only be closed on the following days:


Wednesday 25th December 2013

Thursday 26th December 2013

Wednesday 1st January 2014


We'll be working and answering the phones as normal on all other days, but if you do have an emergency and need to get in touch on any other day, please email and we will respond as soon as we are able.


Tip of the Month


What to do with spills and stains over the Festive Period


Normally we'd include a tip specific to a type of stain, but with Christmas, it could be wine, could be gravy, could even be the dog who found the chocolates hidden under the tree!


The best tip we can give as a cover all is to treat it with as little as possible and wait until you can get the professionals in.  We've lost count of the amount of people who call us up with a recent stain only for them to say, "I tried one of those carpet cleaning products on it, but it's just made it worse".  We're not saying they aren't without some value, but stain removal is a delicate balance between the stain itself, the type of carpet fibres and the colour of the carpet.  Get this balance wrong and not only can the stain worsen, but permanent damage can actually be done.


A few things that are applicable to most stains that you can do yourself:


1. Deal with it immediately - the sooner you can tackle a stain, the less likely it is to become permanent

2. Carefully scrape up or blot up the excessive substance first

3. Use a combination of warm water and a small amount of either washing up liquid or laundry detergent

4. If you have it, add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the mix

5. Use a spray bottle to wet the area and remember to dab dry after each application - wet then dry, wet then dry

6. Never over wet the area - this could spread the stain and cause the backing of the carpet to leech up and cause further staining

7. Never rub or scrub the stained area - this will only force the stain deeper into the carpet. 

8. Always clean from the outside in - this will help to avoid the stain spreading


Although this process might not get everything out, what you won't have done is permanently damage the carpet and have left a situation whereby we are fair more likely to be able to get what's left out for you.


Offer of the Month


Rather than have a particular offer this month, we have instead decided to give everyone a little Christmas present.  If you visit you will find three downloadable vouchers for you to use or to give to your friends and family.




Our Christmas competition is now live on Facebook with a first prize of £150 of free carpet cleaning, second prize of £100 of free carpet cleaning and a third prize of £50 of free carpet cleaning.


If you'd like to enter, simply visit our Facebook page and click on the Like button.  If you already like us on Facebook, you'll be automatically entered!




Understanding what we do well and also what we've perhaps not come up to expectation on is essential for us to continue offering service of the highest level.  If you can spare a few minutes to rate us and/or leave a testimonial, we would be really grateful, plus all people that do will automatically receive £5 off their next booking.


You can find our feedback form here:

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