Essential Care Tips for your Sofa

A sofa is a major part of any household, it is where you go to relax, socialize with friends and family,
or even work from the comfort of your living room. This key piece of furniture will give you comfort
and joy for years if you look after it correctly that is. A typical lifespan of a new sofa is 7-15 years but
are you the type of person who enjoys eating whilst watching TV? Or do you have a pet or children?
These things can cause damage and dirt to build up on your sofa so, a regular sofa cleaning service in
the South East might just be perfect for you to look after your sofa properly, and making it live as
long as possible.

Pro Carpet Cleaning offers sofa cleaning in the South East, with high end cleaning equipment and
highly train team members, your sofa will be in great hands and will look and feel amazing!
Here are some essential care tips for your sofa:

1. Weekly vacuuming

Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to get rid of any debris that has built up on your sofa. The
small head, brush and crevice tools are perfect at reaching them hard, hidden areas and can get up
dirt and grime that has been building up.
Don’t use the main head, as this can wear away your lovely sofa and cause more dirt in the process.
Doing this weekly is a great way to make sure that you are getting as much dirt out of your sofa as
possible. If you have pets that shed their hair a lot, you may want to vacuum more frequently so that
it doesn’t get built up.

2. Plumping cushions

Plumping up your cushions and morphing them back into shape once you have finished using your
sofa for the day is a great routine to get into. Cushions can lose their shape easily if they aren’t
looked after and they can become less plump and comfy. This goes for your seat cushions as well as
your back cushions and doing this will make them look neat and comfy for the longest time possible.

3. Shade from the Sun

When deciding on where to place your new sofa you need to pick a spot that is easy for you and
your family to relax but remember that the sun can cause fabrics to fade permanently so try and
keep it out of direct sunlight. If your sofa is made out of leather, or faux leather then it is best to
keep them away from any heaters or radiators because the heat can make the leather crack. There
are some sofas that are more protected from the sun, but bear in mind that your much-loved brand-
new sofa may start to ruin if it is in direct sunlight, so it is always better to be safe.

4. Fabric protection

To get the most life out of your sofa consider using sofa protection covers. This will make your
cushions, blankets, and throws last longer too, not just your sofa. If you can, use arm covers to
protect areas from any spillages and sweat that can cause staining which can be tricky to remove.
You can get covers that are custom fit to your sofa to make it a bit easier for you. There is fabric

protection that you can use which as well will protect the material from any colour transfer from
clothing you may be wearing, as well as general staining.

5. Pet hair removal

We all love to have our adorable pets cuddle up on the sofa from time to time, or maybe they spend
most of their time on the sofa whilst you are working or enjoying your favourite show. Pets are great
to have around the house, but their hair can get everywhere! To protect your sofa from getting
clogged up with fur, use throws as protection and wash them regularly to get rid of the buildup.
Obviously some pesky hairs may escape the throw protection, so using a lint roller can be the best
way to pick up the hair.

Cleaning pet hair from your sofa is a good routine to have every week. Your lint roller can pick up
most leftover hair, and then cleaning with hot water can help to eliminate the pet hair problem,
making your sofa last longer and stay fresh.

6. Stain removal

Unfortunately stains can happen now and again, when you are drinking a cup of coffee, your
children decide to do some colouring, or you fancy a glass of wine on the sofa, all it takes is a drop to
hit the fabric and then it stains. The best way to avoid permanent damage is to act fast! Use some
kitchen paper to dab up as much as you can before it can seep in further to the fabric. Gently clean
the area with warm water, working from the outside of the stain and then making your way in. If you
have loose coverings then you may be able to wash these with stain remover but make sure to check
the stain label before risking any further damage.

It is important to do these tips regularly in order for your sofa to last as long as possible. You want to
care for your sofa as much as you can so you can get the most life out of it as possible. You should
work in your sofa cleaning routine into your weekly house routine so that you never forget it. Sofas
can get dirty quickly, so it is important for you to stay on top of it.

If you require any assistance with cleaning your sofa, or removing any pesky stains then get in touch
with us today
. Our highly qualified team are more than happy to help you with your sofa and other
cleaning needs.

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