Carpet Cleaning: How does it work?

A carpet can transform a house into something completely different, it can turn a cold environment into something cosy and inviting, the downside though, is that they get dirty quick! A carpet is something that is used every day, potentially by multiple people so the dirt really does build up fast!

We all know how satisfying it can be when we use a hoover to pick up all the dust and hair from the surface of the carpets, but what a lot of people forget is that the dirt goes right down to the roots and can’t be picked up by a hoover or brush.

No matter how many times you hoover or sweep you won’t reach the roots of the carpet where the dirt is being collected, meaning that your carpet is staying dirty constantly even though you have gone through the effort to clean it.

Although on the surface it may look clean, if you are not cleaning your carpets thoroughly then you are still living with dirty carpets that are full of invisible particles that get left behind by the hoover such as skin particles, food particles and pollen. You may even notice your carpets getting dirty more frequently, this is because as time goes on more and more particles are clinging to the fibres, eventually affected the surface of the carpets.

It is really important to get your carpet cleaned correctly as this will kill the bacteria that are living in the fibres having a lasting impact on the condition.

Carpet cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets thoroughly, getting rid of all the invisible dirt and grime that are hidden in your carpets.

It is recommended that carpets in a commercial facility are cleaned professionally at least once a year but in most cases, you should get them cleaned more frequently to prevent too much dirt and grime getting built up in the fibres.

The carpet cleaner is filled up with warm water as this helps to kill bacteria and remove the dirt buried in the fibres.

Carpet cleaners start by getting your carpet wet by spraying a mixture of carpet cleaning formula and water in the fibres helping to soften and loosen the dirt. The cleaning formula will kill the bacteria that is hidden in your carpets, and because of the powerful spray on the carpet cleaner, the dirt that is trapped at the very bottom of your carpets will get targeted too, giving your carpets a deep clean.

The solution used will vary depending on the type of carpet you own. If you have any stains then you can request a solution that will specifically target them, helping to remove the appearance.

Your carpet will then get scrubbed by the brushes on the cleaner which are rotating, this will loosen up the dirt even more and bring it to the surface of your carpet. If there are any deep stains on your carpet, the brush on the cleaner will help to agitate them and weaken or remove the stain completely. This step also helps to make your carpet fluffier so it will feel nearly as soft and comfy as when you first got it.

The final step of the cleaning process is the suction of the cleaner. The powerful suction feature will suck up all of the dirty water, removing the dirt particles with it, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. They will look, smell, and feel as good as when you first got them! The suction feature will get rid of as much water as possible making your carpets dry quickly, bear in mind that your carpets will still be damp for a little while after the carpet cleaner has been used because of how deep the clean was.

Why get your carpets cleaned?

The process of carpet cleaning will make your carpets refreshed but also easier to maintain in the future. Many solutions that are used have stain protectants that get added to your carpet, to guard them against future stains, making your carpet last even longer.

Carpet cleaning removes all of the built up bacteria, grit and dirt down to the base of your carpet, when you get a professional carpet clean it gets rid of all of it and leaves your carpets feeling soft and making them clean and healthy to be around.

Do you have a nasty red wine stain in your carpet that you have been trying to get out for ages? Carpet cleaning is the perfect solution! Carpet cleaners have a variety of high-quality products that are designed to help lift stains such as red wine. If the stain has been present for a long time then the carpet cleaning may not remove the stain entirely, but it will help to weaken the look of it. If the stain was recent then there is a very good chance that the carpet cleaner can get rid of the stain making the carpet look brand new.

Another great reason to get your carpets professionally cleaned is that it makes them live longer. Carpeting that is full of dust and dirt will eventually become ruined to the point where it can not be restored. The method the carpet cleaner does is best to renew the look and touch of the carpets giving them a longer life so that you don’t have to live without the carpets you love!

Carpet cleaning, when done correctly has a great impact on the overall quality of your carpets. Making them look good and last longer. If you have some carpets that need a good clean then Carpet cleaning is best for you! Pro Carpet Cleaning offers you the best quality service with a non-toxic and echo-friendly approach helping to restore your carpets to their original condition. If you are looking for a professional and experienced Carpet Cleaner in South East England then get in touch with Pro Carpet Cleaning!

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