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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
Spring 2016

Dividing Line

Hello and welcome to our Spring newsletter!


It's been a busy few months for us here at Pro Carpet Cleaning as we've tried to enter the 21st century with a fancy new phone system and computerised bookings.  We think that most of the creases have been ironed out, but apologies if booking you in takes a little longer than usual.


With the weather looking as though it's finally turned for the better, we are due to be entering our busy period, which lasts pretty much until Christmas Eve!  This really peaks in the last couple of weeks of August when the majority of our school clients book themselves in.  During that period we have at best 50% capacity for residential jobs, so advanced booking is thoroughly recommended.


All the best

Carl & Dan


New Staff


We have new staff at the company both in terms of in the office and out on the road.  We have Scott and Peter joining us as technicians covering Croydon and Wokingham respectively, with Scott coming to us with 25 years experience and Peter with 20 years.  Both have very quickly become great additions to the team and with Scott also working Saturdays, hopefully those needing weekend slots won't have to wait as long as they have been.


We have also taken on reception staff in the form of both Gemma and Daniel, so chances are, if you call up you'll speak with one of them.  Both Dan and Carl will be available, just not answering the phones seven days a week! 


Change of Phone Number


As you might be aware, we moved to a new office in January last year and since then have been trying to persuade our telecoms provider to port our number from our old premises.  Unfortunately they are stubbornly unwilling to do this, so we have had to get a new phone number, which hopefully be with us for many years to come.


Our old number will still be diverted through for the next couple of years, but moving forward, our new office number will be 01483 668930.


Offer of the Season


With the opportunity to open up all your windows and doors, now has never been a better time to think about getting all the carpets in your house cleaned.  To help, we will be offering whole house/flat deals with one bedroom completely free of charge. 


Got a four bedroom house, only pay for a three bedroom house

Got a two bedroom flat, only pay for a one bedroom flat




Just mention this newsletter when booking.


Hints and Tips


Removing mud from your carpet


Getting muddy footprints off your carpet, whether human or pet, is not the worst thing to happen in terms of carpet staining, but so as not to make the problem worse, it's best to follow some simple guidelines.


1. DO NOT deal with it immediately.  With virtually every other type of staining time is of the essence, but with mud the reverse is true.  The very best thing to do is to leave it to dry completely else you risk spreading it further.
2. Once dry you can begin to vacuum up the mud with the vacuum's beaters realising the mud from the carpet fibres.
3. If there are still some bits stuck to the carpet fibres, these can be gently scraped off with the back of a spoon and vacuumed up, or use the accessory hose to 'scrape and suck' at the same time.
4. On a light coloured carpet there might be a slight discolouration that's left.  This is easily treated with a bit of warm water and a sponge.  Dab the areas clean and leave to dry naturally.




Understanding what we do well and also what we've perhaps not come up to expectation on is essential for us to continue offering service of the highest level.  If you can spare a few minutes to rate us and/or leave a testimonial, we would be really grateful.  You can find our feedback form here:

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