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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
Winter 2015

Dividing Line

Merry Christmas!  With only a few days to go, we hope you're looking forward to a fun, yet relaxing time with friends and family.

For us this year has been a remarkable one, with growth approaching 40% over 2014.  As a way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we've prepared some downloadable vouchers for you to use or share with others during 2016.

Click here to download them

We have some news to share with you below, but most importantly, have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year.

All the best
Carl & Dan

Christmas Opening Hours

December 24th Open as usual
December 25th - 28th  Closed
December 29th - 31st Open as usual
January 1st Closed
January 2nd Open as usual

Leather Upholstery

As reported in our last newsletter, all our technicians have now under gone training in the assessment and cleaning of leather upholstery.  It's a rather more technical skill then the cleaning of fabrics, so necessitates a site visit prior to the clean as there are a variety of different leathers used, each requiring a different cleaning methodology.

More information on the service is available here

As we're trying to build up this aspect of the business, throughout January, February and March, we will be offering 10% off all leather cleaning services.

New Coverage

We've recently expanded our areas of operation to include Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing, Lewes and Littlehampton.  Come the new year we will also be looking to open up Portsmouth and Southampton, and possibly across into Eastbourne and Hastings.

If you would like to see our current coverage, you can do so here:


We’ve owned a twitter account for a couple of years, but never really got around to using it…in fact I don’t think we ever have!  Starting in the new year we’re going to start tweeting out any last minute appointments we have, all of which will be available at a discount. 

It you would like to follow us, you can do so by clicking here.

We'll also be trying to tie this up with Facebook, so if you don't already follow us on there, you can do so by clicking here.

Offer of the Season


January is always a quiet month, so anyone who'd like to book in for January will be entitled to a 10% discount.  Just mention this newsletter to get your discount.

Hints and Tips

What to do with spills and stains over the Festive Period

The best tip we can give as a cover all is to treat them with as little as possible and wait until you can get the professionals in.  We've lost count of the amount of people who call us up with a recent stain only for them to say, "I tried one of those carpet cleaning products on it, but it's just made it worse".  We're not saying they aren't without some value, but stain removal is a delicate balance between the stain itself, the type of carpet fibres/backing and the colour of the carpet.  Get this balance wrong and not only can the stain worsen, but permanent damage can actually be caused.

A few things that are applicable to most stains that you can do yourself:

1. Deal with it immediately - the sooner you can tackle a stain, the less likely it is to become permanent
2. Carefully scrape up or blot up the excess substance first
3. Use a combination of warm water and a small amount of either washing up liquid or laundry detergent
4. If you have it, add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the mix
5. Use a spray bottle to damp the area and remember to dab dry after each application - damp then dry, damp then dry
6. Never over wet the area - this could spread the stain and cause the backing of the carpet to leech up and cause further staining
7. Never rub or scrub the stained area - this will only force the stain deeper into the carpet.
8. Always clean from the outside in - this will help to avoid the stain spreading

Although this process might not get everything out, what you won't have done is permanently damage the carpet and will have left a situation whereby we are far more likely to be able to get out whatever's left.


Understanding what we do well and also what we've perhaps not come up to expectation on is essential for us to continue offering service of the highest level.  If you can spare a few minutes to rate us and/or leave a testimonial, we would be really grateful.  You can find our feedback form here:

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