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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
Summer 2015

Dividing Line

We mentioned in our last newsletter about the improving weather, but the last few weeks have been even more glorious.  Drying times are reduced to a few hours, in part because of the temperature, but also the opportunity to open all windows to get some really good air circulation.

Because of this, we're now in our busiest time of the year and booked a massive 62 jobs between Monday and Wednesday this week, which is about the same number that we booked in the whole of July 2013!  Although we will always try and get out to you as quickly as possible, if you are wanting to book in with us, we do recommend giving us a bit more notice then you would do normally.

Enjoy the weather and hope to see you soon.


All the best
Carl & Dan

Leather Upholstery

In the past we've only really offered leather cleaning when it's been requested, but are now in the process of training up all our technicians in the appropriate techniques necessary for the cleaning and conditioning of leather.

It will take a couple of months of training, but come September we should be able to offer a complete leather cleaning service.

Tip of the month

Removing Red Wine Stains From Carpets

It might be weather more suited for a chilled Pinot Grigio, but red wine remains the most common stain that we get called out for, not only because it's so visible, but unless you catch it straight away, there is little can be done to remove it without professional help.

There are a number of different methods that can be used to tackle it with common household products, which might not necessarily remove the stain completely, but will certainly help and make permanent removal a lot more likely.  Here are our top five:

White wine
Often considered an old wive's tale, white wine really can help with red wine stains as it acts as a neutraliser.  Blot dry the red wine stain with kitchen towel, working from the outside in so as not to spread the stain.  (Do not rub it as this will work the stain into the fibres).  Cover the area with white wine and blot dry again and repeat until the stain is gone.  If the stain is still visible, cover the area with salt, which will dry out any remaining moisture and staining.  Also works with vodka.

Soda water
The techniqie using soda water is very similar to that of white wine, but instead of neutralising the stain, the carbonation helps to lift the stain from the carpet fibres.  What's little known is that soda water contains salt, which helps in reducing the acidity caused by carbonation and it's this salt content that will help prevent the stain from setting in.

Vinegar and soap
This is a combination that's effective with many stains and red wine is no different.  Blot dry the red wine stain with kitchen towel and then cover the area with white vinegar, which will neutralise the stain and blot dry.  Repeat this once further and then do the same with a solution of warm water and washing up liquid.

Salt works by drying out liquids, which is why it can be of great help with red wine stains, especially if you don't happen to have any white wine, soda water or white vinegar in the cupboards.  Blot dry the area with kitchen towel and then cover it liberally with salt.  Press it down lightly with your fingers so it goes between the fibres and leave it for as long as you can (six-eight hours if possible) and then vacuum up.

Please remember to test the above on an inconspicuous area of carpet first and when applying solutions to the carpet, never over-wet it - just use enough to dampen the area.


Offer of the Month

Up until the end of August, anyone booking a silver clean can have one average-sized room Scotchgarded completely free of charge.  This will protect your carpet against accidental spillages and give you a 10/15 minute window to wipe things up before they begin to do any potentially permanent damage.

Just give us a call and mention this promotion if you'd like to take advantage.



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