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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
Spring 2015

Dividing Line

Spring is definitely in the air with the longer evenings, glorious blue skies and some rather lovely sunshine.  Although from a technician's point of view, lugging heavy machinery around in warm to hot temperatures isn't exactly fun, it certainly speeds up drying times and is always better than rain!


Last month we sent out a survey through which we hoped to gain a better understanding of your needs and requirements, so that we in turn could be more responsive in the work we do.  Thank you for everyone who filled it in and congratulations to Joelene who won the £150 of free carpet/upholstery cleaning.


One question we asked was about offering difference levels of cleaning since we were finding that some people didn't want, need or wish to pay for the deepest clean as they were maintaining the carpets to a high level themselves. As such, we've introduced some structured pricing...more about which below.

Enjoy the weather and hope to see you soon.


All the best
Carl & Dan


Cleaning Packages


Since we started, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible, so would try as much as we could to give a fixed price that would cover everything necessary to bring carpets and upholstery back to as good a condition as possible.  However no two carpets are the same, so we were finding ourselves with jobs that would look identical on paper, but whereas one could take 45 minutes, the other over two hours.  As such, some people were over paying, whilst other underpaying.


To try to redress this imbalance, we've introduced three cleaning packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The level of customer service you receive will never change and we'd never do 'half a job', but this way you'll only ever pay for the service you require and never a penny more.


More information about the cleaning package can be found here:

If you've got any comments or feedback about the packages, we'd love to hear it.


Offer of the Month


In keeping with the new packages, through until the end of May we are offering the opportunity to book any silver package for the price of the bronze. On an average three-bed house for example this would be a saving of £20. 


Just give us a call and mention this promotion if you'd like to take advantage.


Tip of the month


Removing Baby Milk From Carpets


We've recently been having quite a few enquiries about removing stains caused by the spillage of baby milk. Although once it's set it's best to get out the professionals, if you can tackle it quickly enough, in most instances, you should be able to remove it (or most of it) yourself.  Simply follow the steps below, remembering to test first on an inconspicuous piece of carpet:


1.  With a clean towel, blot up as much of the liquid as possible and vacuum up any dry residue
2.  Combine in a spray bottle no more than half a teaspoon of washing up liquid with half a pint (250ml) of warm water
3.  Damp down the area, being careful not to over wet, and dab dry from the outside in.  Press firmly, but do not scrub
4.  Repeat this step until the stain has gone
5.  Rinse out the spray bottle and fill with cold water
6.  Damp down and dab dry the area with the clean water to ensure that none of the washing up liquid remains in the carpet




Understanding what we do well and also what we've perhaps not come up to expectation on is essential for us to continue offering service of the highest level.  If you can spare a few minutes to rate us and/or leave a testimonial, we would be really grateful.  You can find our feedback form here:

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