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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
November 2014

Dividing Line

We've done Halloween, we've done bonfire what's next?  Ah, yes...thanks to John Lewis and it's Penguin, we can't escape the fact that Christmas is on the horizon.

Christmas is many things to many people, but it also means that December is the busiest month in all carpet cleaners' calendars.  To this end, we've recently recruited a new member to the team who some of you might have met - Stanley.  Stan has many years experience in cleaning carpets and despite the fact that he spends almost every day battling London traffic he still manages to maintain a remarkable degree of serenity!

Even with Stan on board, our forecasts suggest that we'll be fully booked throughout December, so if you are wanting to freshen things up before the family arrive, we do recommend booking early.

All the best
Carl & Dan


Tip of the Month

Cleaning vomit from carpets

Cleaning up vomit is a pretty horrible task, but if you have children it's almost an inevitability, whilst illness or a tad too much alcohol can often see us not reaching the bathroom in time!

Unlike many stains, with vomit you need to tackle both the stain itself and the odour.  A complicating factor is also that it's variable depending on what consumed, whilst the level of stomach acid can cause a bleaching effect.  Because of this, tackling the stain as soon as possible is really important.  

  1. Clear away as much of the solids as possible, being careful not to force any deeper into the carpet.  If you can, use a dust pan and brush, with flicking motions up and away from the carpet
  2. Blot dry the moisture with kitchen towel
  3. In a spray bottle, create a solution of half white vinegar and half hot water.  
  4. Spray the area until damp and blot dry.  Repeat this process at least two or three times
  5. Cover the area with baking soda and leave until all the moisture has been absorbed
  6. Vacuum up the baking soda
  7. If there is still any odour remaining, repeat the white vinegar and water step a couple more times, blot dry and leave the area to air dry completely

As with all stain treatments, it is best to test a small area first, something which is especially important with rugs.


Offer of the Month

Free Scotchgard with all bookings over £80

In preparation for Christmas and all the potential spillages that come with it, we're offering to Scotchgard one carpet completely free of charge on all bookings over £80.  This offer will count right up to the 25th December and if you'd like to take advantage, just mention the offer when booking.



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