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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
April 2014

Dividing Line

I'm not sure about anyone else, but we're certainly glad of the sunshine we've been having of late!  The rain at times was so heavy it was make it hard to hear people on the phone, whereas now its just birdsong coming through the window.

In this month's newsletter we take a look at methods to remove blood stains from carpets, plus as we often get asked about Scotchgard, we've included some details on that.  If you have any questions of queries, please feel free to get in touch.

All the best
Carl & Dan

Tip of the Month


How to remove blood stains from carpets

For anyone who's seen adverts for washing powder, blood, along with egg and grass, is nearly always one of the stains that these miracle solutions are supposed to remove.  There's a reason it's mentioned - it's common and it can be stubborn to get out.

Once set in it can be very difficult to remove without professional help, so these tips are for when the stain is still relatively recent.

(Obviously if you or anyone else is injured - get that sorted first!)

1. Water removal method

In the absence of anything else, cold water can make a difference, though note that it has to be cold.  Using a spray bottle, damp the area with the water and use a dry towel to absorb the moisture.  Repeat as many times as necessary until the stain has gone.  Never over wet the carpet and just dab dry with the towel.

2. Washing up liquid and water

Mix one tablespoon of washing up liquid with two glasses of cold water, soak a clean cloth in the mixture and apply to the stain.  Gently massage the area with a toothbrush, being careful not to scrub too hard.  Dab the area with a clean, wet cloth to rinse the solution and repeat.  Apply a weighted down dry towel to the area to absorb the moisture.

3. Salt paste

Create a paste using salt and cold water and liberally apply it to the stain.  Leave it to sit for a few minutes and dab the stain with a clean cloth.  You'll need to press quite hard, but no not rub.  Continue to dab at the stain until it is gone. Vacuum the area to remove any remaining salt.


What is Scotchgard


Scotchgard is a stain and water repellent that was actually discovered by accident way back in 1952 by chemists working for the 3M company - better known as the creators of post-it notes.

It can be applied to carpets, upholstery and rugs and works by providing a protective shield around each fibre that protects then from both water and oil-based stains. By preventing stains and dirt from penetrating the fibres, it gives you time to clean up a spillage before serious or even permanent damage is done.

Scotchgard will help your carpets and upholstery look cleaner for longer, but it's not infallible.  Although it gives you time to clean up spillages, any which are left for hours or days will still sink in eventually.

If you'd like prices or more information on Scotchgard, please call us on 01483 389123.

Offer of the Month


It's spring cleaning time

After all the bad weather we've had, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a spring clean and what better way than to take advantage of our whole house packages, which until the end of May are even cheaper than usual.

2 Bedroom house/flat from only £75 inc vat
3 Bedroom house/flat from only £85 inc vat
4 Bedroom house/flat from only £95 inc vat

(Based on average sized bedrooms, lounge, hall, stairs and landing)

Just mention this offer when booking.




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