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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
March 2014

Dividing Line

This month we welcomed a new addition to the Pro Carpet Cleaning family as Dan and his lovely wife Laura welcomed into the world their first child - Caitlin Edith Gunner.  If you see or speak with Dan over the coming months and he's a bit bleary eyed, now you know why!

We're also celebrating our first full year of trading as Pro Carpet Cleaning and what a year it's been.  From solely working in the Guildford area, we now cover the whole of Surrey and Berkshire, parts of Hampshire and West Sussex, and South West London from Uxbridge round to Croydon. 

It's been a very busy time, but enjoyed every minute (mostly) and now looking forward to the next twelve months and beyond.

All the best
Carl & Dan


Tip of the Month

Looking After Rugs

Rugs make for a great addition to every house and whether its the under foot comfort of a wool rug or the vibrancy of an oriental style, keeping them clean is of paramount importance.

As we've mentioned before, vacuuming regularly is essential to good carpet maintenance and this is just as important when it comes to rugs. But did you know that vacuuming the back of a rug is just as important?

Whether laid over a carpet or wooden floor, dust and dirt can accumulate under the rug, which over time will begin to wear away at the backing, which in turn can cause the top to wear and become more susceptible to damage.  To avoid this happening, not only vacuum the back of your rug once a month, but also vacuum the area on which it sits so that your now clean backing is returned to a dirt free floor.

Another important thing to do is to rotate your rugs once every few months.  The principle here is that we tend to have patterns of movement in our homes, which means that certain areas of a rug will get more traffic than others e.g. in my home office I walk from door to desk at least 30 times for every one time I walk from desk to filing cabinet.  By rotating your rugs, the wear will be more evenly distributed and longevity increased.

Put simply, vacuuming the back of a rug once a month and rotating it every few months can add years to its life.


Offer of the Month


Get One Room Completely Free

This month we're offering the option to either save money or get more done by offering one room free on all bookings until 30th April.  So if you just want your lounge done, we'll do a bedroom free or if you're looking to get your three-bed house done throughout, you'll only pay the cost of a two-bed.

Just mention this offer when booking.



Understanding what we do well and also what we've perhaps not come up to expectation on is essential for us to continue offering service of the highest level.  If you can spare a few minutes to rate us and/or leave a testimonial, we would be really grateful. As an extra incentive, anyone doing so will receive £5 off their next booking.

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