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Pro Carpet Cleaning Newsletter
January 2014

Dividing Line

It might be a bit late in the month to say it, but happy new year!

After the general mayhem that is Christmas, not to mention the flooding and power cuts, it's nice to now be in the relative serenity that is January.  It has given us a chance to review some of our services and as such, we're pleased to announce that we will be offering a mattress cleaning service starting from Monday 20th January. 

Although it is very difficult (often impossible) to remove stains from mattresses, what mattress cleaning does do is ensure that they are hygienically clean by killing bacteria and eliminating dust mites.  Additionally, people suffering from skin conditions and allergies can really benefit from the cleaning process.

To kick off the mattress cleaning service we have a special offer that will run until the end of February (scroll down to read more) and this month, our carpet cleaning tip is about how to remove candle wax from your carpets.

All the best
Carl & Dan


Tip of the Month


How to remove candle wax from your carpet.

Candles are lovely things but it's all too easy for them to overflow, get knocked over or even get blown out with a little too much force.  Thankfully though, removing candle wax from a carpet is a relatively straightforward process.

The first thing you need to do is harden the wax with ice, which will make it brittle.  To do this, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and leave to rest on the wax.  Don't wrap the ice in a tea towel or anything porous as moisture can make it harder to get out.

Once this is done you can scrape the majority of the wax off with a blunt knife or the edge of a spoon, ensuring that you remove as much as possible.

Next, cover the area with kitchen towel or a clean jay cloth and run a warm (not hot) iron over it being very careful not to touch the carpet directly (else you might burn it).  This process should melt the wax, which will then be absorbed into the kitchen towel or cloth.

Once the kitchen towel or cloth has absorbed some wax, put on a fresh covering and repeat until the stain has been removed.

In brief:
1. Harden the wax with ice
2. Scape the majority way with a blunt knife
3. Cover with kitchen towel or jay cloth
4. Go over with a warm iron
5. Repeat the kitchen towel/iron process until stain has gone


Offer of the Month

Mattress Cleaning

Single Mattress  £15  (normal price £20)
Double Mattress  £25  (normal price £30)
King-sized Mattress  £30  (normal price £35)

- Helps to kill bacteria
- Eliminates bed bugs and dust mites
- Removes general dirt and bad odours
- Benefits for those will skin conditions, allergies and asthma
- Child and pet friendly products

(Offer runs until 28th February 2014)



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